Reader's Reviews

I am humbled and grateful for the outpouring of feedback from my readers, mostly women, showing appreciation for true, honest, and intimate disclosure. I am blessed that you allow me to normalize our struggles and emotions. Here are some of your comments:

“Thank-you for putting into words what most of us feel.”
“You make me laugh and cry.”
“Your words inspire.”
“Powerful narratives.”
“…blessed to read your columns.”
“Inspiring—mirrors my thoughts.”
“Poignant, insightful, personal.”
“Sage with emotions—humor woven into words.”
“Every time I read your work; I have an attitude adjustment.”
“Thoughtful and wise.”
“Nailed it again, blend of laughter and tears.”
“Honest, unique, unmistakable voice.”
“You have a gift of putting emotions into words, it’s like you’re in my head.”
“Beautifully articulate the angst of our generation.”
“I relate to every word, every sentence.”
“Powerful, heartfelt…your writing always speaks to me.”
“Your articles bring to life the strength and tenacity of women.”
“You bring us into your loving, humorous, intimate world.”
“Always a laugh and a lesson.”
“Straight to the heart columns.”
“You have a way of bringing together the love, the laughter and the absurdity of life…”
“Poignantly captures the bitter and the sweet.”
“It’s like your living in my head.”
“You write what we really think but don’t have the words or the guts to express.”
“You are real…love your pieces.”
“You write eloquently with humor for all of us women.”
“You capture our everyday truths.”
“You are a hero to a multitude of your sorority sisters.”
“You give voice to the dilemmas and insecurities we all face and allow us to laugh at them and ourselves.”

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