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Have legal guns, will travel

September 28, 1991

By Blair S. Walker

Attorneys Per Diem is on the lookout for crackerjack barristers.

Lawyers who, after a job well-done, can obtain similar results the following day — for a different employer.

Laura Black and Mark Neumann started Attorneys Per Diem in June, taking the lawyer-as-hired-gun concept to its logical conclusion. Against the backdrop of a sluggish economy and layoffs and defections among law firm attorneys, Ms. Black and Mr. Neumann unleashed legal soldiers of fortune on the Baltimore area.

Their goal? That most revered and coveted of all lawyerly objectives — billable hours, of course. Ms. Black and Mr. Neumann don’t claim to have taken the region by storm, but they are pleased with the progress their lawyer temporary service has made thus far.

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