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Children & Grandchildren Wisdom

A Working Woman’s Prayer

February 23, 2021
To All the Working Moms—I feel your pain. I’d like to share with you something I wrote when I was juggling career and family responsibilities. I didn’t have to contend with a pandemic and all the added stresses—my heart goes out to you.
A Working Woman’s Prayer
I pray you never equate the amount on time I spend with you to the amount of love I have for you.
I pray you do not feel the limits of my availability but learn from me that possibility has no limits.
I pray you do not feel neglected when I fail to oversee your homework and learn from the responsibility how to oversee your life.
I pray you understand that while I’m attending dozens of other matters nothing ever matters as much as you.
I pray my choices give you permission to lead your life to the fullest rather than filling your life trying to meet the choices of others.
Most of all—I pray I am right.

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